Detailed Maids is eco-friendly home cleaning company established by a lady who has had many years of experience working for high-end cleaning corporations. She held different positions including Quality Assurance Manager and Customer Service Representative.


In her career she came across number of things that she found unprofessional and illogical. So, after a numerous years of experience she decided to take all that knowledge and create a cleaning company that has both high-end quality cleaning service and very knowledgeable customer service representatives. So when you call Detailed Maids to find out more about our services or to book an appointment you are able to speak with someone who did cleaning themselves and who understands your needs and concerns. Someone who has the expertise to answer all your questions.

Girl cleaning a mirror


Having had the opportunity to work with all kinds of cleaning products we were able to see what they can do to the health of the person using them directly. So we can only imagine the harm they can do to someone living in the home where those were used.



Here at Detailed Maids we pay a lot of attention to cleaning your home without harming your health and the environment but at the same time we want to deliver impeccable service. That is why we went above and beyond to find the best of both worlds. We partnered with our friends at Ecolab and found cleaning products that are both 100% eco-friendly and strong enough to clean the toughest areas.



Our ProTeam vacuum with HEPA filters helps us not only clean your floors but the air in your home as well. Reducing the number of airborne particles helps you and your family breathe easy.



We use color coded system which reduces bacteria cross-contamination between high and low risk areas creating healthier and more sanitary environment. That way you can be 100% confident that the cloths from the bathroom will never touch your kitchen counter tops.


Our staff members believe in delivering 5 stars cleaning service and they will not leave your home until they check their own work and are completely satisfied with the work they have done.


Detailed Maids team members are professionally trained, insured and their performance is monitored on ongoing bases.


Here at Detailed Maids we believe that no one knows everything about everything. That is why we continue training our staff on daily basis so they are constantly improving their performance by delivering impeccable cleaning service.